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"You want to screw up. If you don't screw up when you start out, then you are overqualified for the position. Because if it was anything less than a big opportunity that affords you a ton of growth, then you would know how to do everything that's required. That it feels overwhelming - that you make loads of mistakes - lets you know that you took a big step, that you're learning things, that you're being challenged. Little failures are how you know you're succeeding."
from Works Well With Others by Ross McCammon ‎· k8s
I usually don't read books related to business and careers, but since it's one of my selection areas, I thought I should. This book is actually pretty amusing and he approaches imposter syndrome in ways that are actually useful. I don't agree with everything in it (a few gendered approaches that are probably how it is but that is like to see changed), but overall it's good. ‎· k8s
"Not only should you assume that every email you send will get forwarded to someone else; you should assume that every email you send will someday be read aloud in a court of law." - I actually do follow this approach since I know that all of our work email is subject to open records laws. ‎· k8s
yep, likewise. ‎· LibSkrat