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What follows are lines from the serialized Christian fiction novel I'm reading right now, The Stubborn Father, part two of The Amish Millionaire by Wanda Brunstetter.
"But the desires he'd once had were set aside when he joined the church and married Effie forty-seven years ago." ‎· k8s
"Sometimes Joel felt like a buggy without a horse, no longer being close to his family." ‎· k8s
"It's easy, my boy. Like my daed taught me, all you have to do is suck and blow." ‎· k8s
*chokes* ‎· LibSkrat
It's so ridiculous. I just finished this one and I'm getting ready to start "The Betrayed Fiancee." ‎· k8s
!!! ‎· Galadriel