Awesome. Bought a bag of @Starbucks coffee at Food Lion. Try to enter the star code on their site, & it keeps saying "Oops, something went wrong." :( .
RT @CHPithaca: Just one month after his older brother. So sad. #ACDC .
RT @pattonoswalt: Read and share this amazing, short thread. .
RT @RepJoeKennedy: To be absolutely clear, when @POTUS says “welfare,” he means cutting the Medicare & Social Security benefits that you have paid into your whole life. .
RT @OneFineJay: Platforms in elections today are trapped in a cycle of repeal and revenge. It gets voters out but leaves them distrusting each other. .
Pretty sure the character of Martin in Dirk Gently's Hollistic Detective Agency is based on @jimgroom .
RT @windowscentral: Dear Microsoft, your loyalists have a bone to pick with you ... .
RT @scottedelman: Friends in the Eastern Panhandle might be interested in a December 16 pop-up exhibit of political cartoons relating to the First Amendment, hosted by @ACLU_WV. I'm hoping I'll be able to attend. .
<sarcasm>You know the new tax bill must be good for the average citizen if Chevron feels the need to pay for tweets promoting it.</sarcasm> .
RT @Ipstenu: I mean … she isn’t WRONG. .
RT @JamesRoday: I happily RT this and thank everyone who shouted into the sky and through the tree tops. It worked. For now. Do the right thing, @realDonaldTrump. You have the chance to DO THE RIGHT THING. .
RT @Thebeastmustdie: This picture of Henry Rollins and Nick Cave babysitting is the gift that keeps on giving .
RT @Mikel_Jollett: Everything you need to know about Republican "values" is summed up by the fact that the new GOP tax plan raises taxes on people with cancer and lower taxes on people with private jets. .
RT @SenKamalaHarris: Retweet if you would *not* benefit from a private jet tax break. .
RT @paciellogroup: Subtitles (captions) are not just for Deaf people, they're for me when I'm watching video on a bus and I forgot my headphones ~ @stefanjudis #ID24 .
RT @RVAwonk: "We need moral values back in our country." -#RoyMoore. Actually just said this. Without irony. .
RT @NPR: The House voted almost along party lines to approve Republicans' $1.4 trillion tax overhaul. Senate Republicans have their own bill, which is still in committee. .
i called each of my senators twice today about it. twice yesterday too. (once to their DC office & once to their NC office) ‎· Stephªnℹ︎eCogScℹ︎Lℹ︎brªrℹ︎ªn ‎· 2
RT @Travon: Al Franken is a fantastic senator and advocate for the average American. And he needs to resign. .
crap, crap, crap, crap, crap. ‎· Christina Pikas
RT @behindyourback: When a successful man is outed for terrible behavior, there's no need to call him a hack or dumb or untalented. The very point is that even those who are successful for earned reasons can also be bad people. It's not just the idiots. .
RT @MelissaJoanHart: The gang (minus a few key players) got back together for the first time in 14years. What was… .
I sincerely hope that @SenCapito & @JoeManchinWV will show us constituents that they care more about the people of… .
I have to say; the 1 thing @Spotify has definitely gotten right (except on #WindowsPhone) is the ability to control… .
RT @comedysusan: The last things I'll scream from my death bed .
Had to pick up a prescription for Thing2 at Rite Aid today, so i grabbed a couple of other things while i was at it. The total came to ~$14. Then, the cashier said "you have $15 in Plenti rewards, did you want to use those?" I guess adding our Plenti account to our AT&T account was good for something after all.
So, basically, we got his prescription, 2 12-packs of soda, and a bottle of ibuprofen for free, just for paying our cell phone bill. ‎· Mr. Noodle ‎· 1