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The Dark Crystal. Phenomenal movie, but it scared the s**t out of me, especially when they were draining the essence. Also, Return To Oz, but I think I was a tiny bit older when I saw that. https://t.co/xQY8BrDL8U .
Did the cost of CBS All Access go down? Looks like it's only $5.99/month, now. I could have sworn it was either $7.99 or $9.99 last time I looked.
Of course, the live stream keeps buffering, so, I'm not sure it's worth it. I might pay for one month just to finish out the NFL playoffs and to watch this season of Bull, but then I'll probably let it go again. ‎· Mr. Noodle
Well, there is Star Trek: Discovery, too. ‎· April ‎· 1
$5.99 is the plan with commercials, $9.99 is the no commercials plan. ‎· Bill Mason ‎· 1
Let's pray that 1:45 of football time is *not* enough for the Steelers to score 10+ points. .
What the hell is going on? Did Jacksonville make some kind of Black Sox-style deal to throw this game? .
Clearly, I am not the target audience for the Grammy's. No big surprise, there. .
Hey, Jacksonville. Can you please bring back your first half team? Kthxbai. .
RT @ESPNStatsInfo: Points Scored in Jaguars-Steelers Games This Season: Jaguars Offense – 38 points Jaguars Defense – 20 points Steelers Offense – 16 points https://t.co/fPFEiviMuI .
That's absolutely insane. 4th & 11, and the Stillers go for it, and end up scoring. Hopefully the Jags can get the momentum back. Can't stand the idea of Pittsburgh moving on. .
This first half is starting to look extremely embarrassing for the Steelers. Keep it up, Jacksonville. .
Wow. Jacksonville is finally showing just how sad the Steelers really are this season. .
I swear the announcers in this NFL game just said "Saxonville" instead of Jacksonville, and "Shitsburgh" instead of Pittsburgh.
Mark Wahlberg to donate $1.5 million salary to anti-sexual harassment group #TimesUp - The Washington Post https://t.co/vjJuhuXfjB .
"We're not just doing this for money. We're doing this for a shitload of money."
"I'm surrounded by assholes!" ‎· Mr. Noodle
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Well, crap. Closed the keyboard case on my iPad a little while ago, and apparently shattered the screen when I did so. This sucks. .
ow ‎· MoTO Babycakes
@cgrymala: In the Pasadena area, it cost me around $100 to get it replaced at a 3rd party place. Do look at reviews, though. The place I used the first time I broke it was better than the place I used the second time around (the 2nd place was slightly cheaper). ‎· Spidra Webster ‎· 1
I giggle every time someone talks about a point-of-sale system by referring to it as the "P.O.S.". #iamtwelve
I was even more amused when I mentioned that a few weeks ago, and my dad said that he does the same thing. ‎· Mr. Noodle
Yep. ‎· bentley
Heh, so extrapolating from Google Ngram Viewer, which has "point of sale system" starting to show up in 1972, we have two full generations of cashiers giggling at that acronym. ‎· Galen Charlton ‎· 2
The Internet of POSs ‎· Micah
The kidlet's social studies teacher informed her class on Wednesday that they no longer have to write a report to go with their social studies fair project (the report was supposed to be due today). Apparently, they were the only class in the school that was initially supposed to write a report. Instead, they only had to finish their abstract for the project. That threw us for a real loop, as we usually write the abstract after completing the paper. Trying to write a concise summary of your research before you've actually written out the results of your research is difficult.
The other downside to not having to write a report is that the teacher decided to assign another major project that's due almost immediately after the social studies fair project is due (the abstract was due today, but the project board isn't due until next week). ‎· Mr. Noodle
Every month, I get a receipt from a particular service that I use. I have a free account, but they still send a receipt for my $0 payment every month. Every month, when I get that "Payment Received" email, I freak out a little bit. .
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Apple indicates on their website that it would cost $299 to repair the screen on this iPad (plus $6.50 shipping). A brand new 32-gig iPad would cost $329 (this one is 128-gig, but storage doesn't effect repair price). Something doesn't add up here. .
This is a picture showing some of the damage that was done simply by closing the case. https://t.co/uZZ3dtlF3c .
RT @NormsRespecter: This is literally capitalism https://t.co/hbrqwz5G7v .