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The new grandniblet came to visit for the first time yesterday. :) We'd gotten to meet her once a week or so ago, but this is the first time she's come to our house.


And, yes, they are in our "bubble", and we are in their bubble. Aside from the S/O having to go to work, and Thing 1's fiance having to go to work, Thing 1 & her household are the only folks we spend time with outside of our household (we see my parents occasionally, but always at a distance, and always with masks), and we are the only folks they spend time with outside of their household.

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Oh, so very darling. Thank you for sharing with us!! ❤️

 ‎· StephAnie Wear A Mask 6

Welcome to the world new grandniblet!

 ‎· Galadriel 1

She’s a cutie!

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