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Our governor announced today that anyone (16 and older) who wants the COVID vaccine is allowed to get it, now. There are no more restrictions. The S/O and I are already signed up to get ours in a little over a week, but, now we can start looking to see if we can get the kidlet vaccinated, as well.


I'm hearing rumors that Walgreens is doing walk-in vaccinations, but I haven't gotten confirmation on that yet.

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Your state is kicking butt and taking names with respect to vaccinations. Go you!

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@cpikas: Yeah, it's one of the very few things WV actually seems to be getting right. I will say, in fairness to our governor, that he has done a _fairly_ decent job managing the pandemic crisis, but that, sadly, does not make up for all of the other crap our state is responsible for.

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