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I wish I'd known before last night that, apparently, there is no way to buy more chlorine tablets for our pool (well, someone on Amazon is selling a bucket that usually costs ~$100 for >$400 right now). Apparently a chlorine plant got wiped out last year, and that means that there's no chlorine to be had this year; I totally understand that situation, but it would have been nice to know that before now, so I could have bought another bucket last time I saw one. Now I just have to hope we have enough chlorine to get through the summer, and that chlorine will be available sometime in the future.


can you switch to bromine or whatever - i know there's a salt thing you can do ... i'm hazy on the whole process... but can you switch?

 ‎· Christina Pikas

Unfortunately, I think bromine is considerably more expensive than chlorine usually is (at least, the tiny little bottle of bromine we have for our hot tub was pretty expensive), and, as far as I know, to switch to salt or another chemical, we'd have to wait until all of the existing chlorine in our pool dissipates. I think we'll have enough chlorine for the season, but it might be tight.

 ‎· Mr. Noodle

We are currently putting in a small pool and am happy we decided to go with salt water given what I've heard about the chlorine shortage!

 ‎· sshreeves 1

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