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That seems like a racket. Want to e-file your WV state taxes through TurboTax (not sure how it shakes out for other states or with other software)? That'll cost you $19.99. Want to have that $19.99 taken out of your state refund, instead of paying it at the time of filing? That'll cost you a total of $54.98 (the original $19.99 plus a $34.99 fee!)
Maryland has a free online filing service. It's a PITA but free. Of course Turbo Tax still wants to sell you access. ‎· Christina Pikas
Looks like we could have filed Thing 2's state taxes for free through TurboTax's online system. Might be worth it for Thing 1's return and the SO's return, but I'm not sure, as that means I'd have to create a separate TurboTax online account for each of them, and then probably have to re-do their taxes through that system (not sure if the online system can import desktop files or not). I'll look into it, though. I won't be able to eFile mine for free, but I may end up owing the state anyway, so I'll file by mail for mine. http://tax.wv.gov/Individuals/ElectronicFiling/Pages/FreeFile... ‎· Mr. Noodle
BOO fees. The convenience with filing online here is that when you do it the following year, it remembers many of your details. ‎· Julian
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