Wow. Was just looking up some recipes for donuts (when I was a kid, we had a tradition of making donuts at least once each year when we had a snow day). Haven't really found anything useful/realistic yet.
The recipe in my Cooks' Country cookbook is for beignets rather than donuts,and it's supposed to make 2 dozen. With only three of us here, I really don't feel like we need 24 beignets. Couldn't they have figured out how to make the recipe work for a dozen, then let us double it if we felt we needed 2 dozen? ‎· Mr. Noodle
One recipe I found for chocolate cake donuts looked promising, until I realized that it calls for an entire cup of unsweetened cocoa. I might have that much cocoa in the house, but that seems a bit extreme for 12-14 donuts. ‎· Mr. Noodle
I've never seen a recipe call for a cup of cocoa! Most chocolate cake recipes call for around 1/2-3/4 cup cocoa, for comparison. ‎· Jenny H.
@taoofcoffee that was my reaction, too. I ended up not trying it, because I didn't think I had enough cocoa. After I made the plain cake donut recipe I found, though, I realized I had a whole unopened container of cocoa, in addition to the half-full container I had in the cabinet. ‎· Mr. Noodle
Future donut experiments, FTW! ‎· Jenny H.
I have a brownie recipe that calls for over a cup of dutch-process cocoa. Those brownies are amazing! ‎· k8s
I'd trust the cake donut recipes that call for some potato flour. That gives the best crisp up. I think the recipes are large because when you go through the pain in the ass of setting up and cleaning the fryer, you want to make enough to make it worth the hassle. I wish I had a specific recipe for you but I sold off the cool donut history book I used to have... ‎· Spidra Webster