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You know, I was listening to NPR last night (as I usually do on my way home), and they had stories with actualities from two press conferences (one with Obama, one with Kerry). During both clips, you could barely hear what the person was saying, because the sound of the cameras snapping photos was so loud. Is that really still necessary? Aren't most of them using DSLRs, and aren't the shutter noises on those just artificial (and, can therefore, be turned off)?
If it's a true DSLR, the shutter sound will be natural because the mirror has to move out of the way of the sensor. ‎· John B.
Ok. I guess that makes sense, then. I'm assuming that most of the White House Press Corps photographers are using true DSLRs, so I guess that sound is necessary. ‎· Mr. Noodle
I do wonder if maybe the sound system could better so that the microphone picks up Obama's voice instead of the camera noise. ‎· John B.
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