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It's almost like the federal govt doesn't want me to report all of my income. It won't let me eFile my federal tax return w/o providing EINs (employer identification numbers) for *all* sources of income. Most of my clients didn't send me 1099 forms (yet, at least - most likely they won't send me any, but I did get one late a few years ago), so I don't have that info.
I had a similar problem to this when I started freelancing through oDesk/UpWork. They don't provide you with a copy of the 1099 that they send to the IRS, unless you are paid over a certain amount. So, you have to accurately guess what is on that form they sent to the IRS, which is pretty easy to do, till you get to that part about the EIN. And they won't tell you what it is when you ask them. I had no clue how I was expected to file my taxes and claim that income, when all the software I could find required you to enter that EIN for each 1099. So, I ended up hiring someone to do my taxes, and even he had a tough time with it. oDesk refused to provide him with their EIN. He ended up calling the president of the tax prep company to find out how to enter the income. The president of the tax prep company called oDesk to ask what their EIN was, and they wouldn't even give it to him! What they ended up doing is claiming the amount earned under "other income". (I have pretty much ditched oDesk/UpWork because of this insanity.) ‎· April ☕
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