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So freakin' frustrated with DirecTV and AT&T right now. Can't login to the DirecTV website because it doesn't like my DirecTV account email/password information anymore. I attempt to reset the password, and it redirects me to AT&T's website where my only options are to reset AT&T-related passwords. I go through that process (resetting an "AT&T Access" account), then it attempts to log me back in to the DirecTV website, and gives me an error saying, basically, "Hey, you tried to login using an AT&T account, but you should be using your DirecTV account" with a link to let me reset my password, but that link redirects me back to AT&T's account system again.
And, what's more interesting is that, when I go directly to AT&T's website (to manage my separate AT&T wireless account), it says "Hey, it looks like you're logged into your DirecTV account; do you want to go to DirecTV's website to manage that account?". I said I did, and it took me back to the DirecTV screen that says "You're not logged in" ‎· Mr. Noodle
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