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That's a new one. Thing 1 being sent home from work today because she left sick yesterday & didn't bring a doctor note today. .
That's ridiculous. ‎· bentley
I swear, the whole Dr's note thing is so punitive already - most of them hate to have to do it, and most people end up having to (at the least) shell out for a copay to get it. So, not only do you lose your work hours because you're ill, but you have to pay extra or face other punishment. No wonder people go to work sick. ‎· Jennifer D.
Yup. I'm not a huge fan of requiring a doctor's note in the first place, but I at least understand the sentiment behind it. Forcing someone to go home the next day because they didn't bring in a doctor's note? That's beyond ridiculous. Just give her an unexcused absence or something, don't make her go back home again. ‎· Mr. Noodle
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