How did the Scotland national soccer/football team end up with pink jerseys? Do you think they chose them, or was that all that was left? .
Accidentally washed whites with a red jersey? ‎· Have Yourself a Merry Little LB
Only their away kits are pink. Their home kit is a very dark blue tartan. They might have chosen pink because Scotland has, from time to time, historically worn pink for international play. In 1899 they wore pink and yellow stripes when playing Ireland, and even that was just a rejiggering of the 1881 kit. But usually they wear dark blue. ETA: Apparently the pink and yellow were the racing colors of Archibald Primrose, the 5th Earl of Rosebery, and a huge early Scottish football supporter ‎· Soup
Thanks, Soup. I did see that they had "salmon" kits (with stripes) in the 90s, but that's a bit of a far cry from the solid, bright pink they're wearing this year. ‎· Mr. Noodle
Yeah, it's so bright I'm not sure if they are really drawing on that history or not. Like maybe they just thought it would pop? ‎· Soup