I was going to tweet, asking if I was the only one who feels like URU is getting kind of screwed by the refs; then I remembered having a similar conversation during multiple MEX matches during CONCACAF last year, and having more than a few people telling me it was par for the course for Mexico to get officiating advantages.
It didn't feel unfair to me (I was pulling for Uruguay, if anyone, in this one) but I think both teams have done their fair share of gaming the system over the years. It wasn't like anyone swatted a ball out of the goal with their hand and got away with it.. ‎· Jennifer D.
That's a valid point. It just seemed, to me, like there were a lot of dangerous attacks for which Uruguay got called (and carded) while there were just as many dangerous attacks for which Mexico got to keep on moving. And, of course, the fact that Mexico was apparently in charge of playing the National Anthems makes it even more interesting. ‎· Mr. Noodle
That said, I'm not sure what Uriguay was getting so upset about after the second Mexico goal; the commentators kept indicating that Uruguay thought someone was offsides, but I didn't see anybody that looked even close to being off. I think, by that point, they were just pissed and tired. ‎· Mr. Noodle
Yeah, even by the newer interpretation, the player who could've been offsides wasn't involved in the play and wasn't distracting the keeper or any of the defenders involved in the play. If he'd been even with the keeper, I could see an argument, but not for this play. ‎· Jennifer D.