I'm confused. How does a CRC win help us? Wouldn't that give them 7 points vs our 6 points, leaving us still in 2nd place? Am I adding wrong?
Wouldn't CRC have four points (tie, loss, win)? ‎· John B.
A CRC win gives USA the group (on goal differential). ‎· Julian
You're right. For some reason, the standings I was looking at were showing them as having 4 points already. Okay. So, with a CRC win, CRC is still knocked out, but COL ends up with 6 & so do we, but our goal differential is better than COL's, so we end up in 1st. ‎· Mr. Noodle
Also, it seems that US would play its quarterfinal in Seattle instead of the Meadowlands, for whatever that's worth. ‎· John B.
Yeah, apparently we would lose a day's rest, and have to travel further, but we'd be playing Peru (or possibly Ecuador) instead of Brazil. At the moment, that sounds appealing to me. ‎· Mr. Noodle