Thankfully, Thing 2 & his friend are okay, but they were involved in this accident tonight. In the first & second photos in this story, you can see a green VW bus; Thing 2 & his friend were towing that on a trailer. In the third photo, you can see a red pickup truck behind the open door of the car that got spun around by the tractor trailer in the photo; that red pickup truck is what Thing 2's friend was driving. Now, this story attributes the accident to the tornado that touched down, but from the stories Thing 2 has told, the two incidents weren't really related. He & his friend stopped their truck because a car was swerving in & out of lanes ahead of them, and ended up hitting someone else. Then, shortly after they stopped, a tractor trailer slammed into the car that was behind/beside them, spun that car around, and then slammed that car into them. Meanwhile, the tornado was touching down about 6 miles south of where the accident occurred. It's possible that the original accident occurred because the people were looking at it while driving, but it sounds like it was just a case of driving recklessly unrelated to the tornado that was touching down a little ways away. It will be a while before we know anything for sure, though. Again, so grateful that Thing 2 & his friend are okay, but very sad to hear of the 1 confirmed fatality.
Oh, wow. I'm so glad they're ok. ‎· Jennifer D.
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Edited because I was informed that the "orange VW bus" is actually green. Stupid color-blindness. ‎· Mr. Noodle
Oh no! I'm glad they are okay. ‎· Galadriel