If Messi really does retire from Argentina without the possibility of him playing in the 2018 World Cup, I will be very sad. I love watching him play so much.
I can't say for certain why, but, back in the 90s, I started rooting for two teams outside the US. They were Argentina and Italy (although I had more Italy gear, Argentina was my favorite between the two - I also enjoyed watching Mexico play at the time, but that was purely because of Jorge Campos). I still root for those two teams to this day (unless, of course, they're playing against the US), and it's been so amazing to watch Messi play for Argentina and bring them so consistently to the finals. It sucks that all of the pressure is being put on him, when he really is just one man. ‎· Mr. Noodle
My 8yo son is very sad about the prospect of Messi retiring, and I really enjoy watching Messi play as well. The 8yo has a Messi jersey and it is the only article of clothing that he cares about keeping clean. ‎· Galadriel
My 9yo son had me mail a letter to Messi telling him not to retire. ‎· Stephen Francoeur
My brother reminded me yesterday how & when I became a fan of Italy. He was a fan of Germany before I really started watching soccer, so, when Germany played Italy in the World Cup finals in 1990, I naturally chose the side opposite of him so we could root against each other. I think I picked up my allegiance to Argentina around the same time (I was all about Diego Maradona), but Argentina didn't do as well as Italy in that World Cup. ‎· Mr. Noodle