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Wait. We needed FDA warning to tell us that eating raw cookie dough (which includes raw eggs) might be a bad idea? https://t.co/ogIxyV2GN2 .


Although apparently this time it's because of contaminated flour, which I didn't think was possible. The only way I can think that would happen would be feces used as fertilizer. Otherwise, wheat farming and processing is pretty hands off, AFAIK.

 ‎· Sarah G.

or it happens in the plant (ew)

 ‎· Christina Pikas

When there are spinach outbreaks, it is because the E coli/ salmonella/ what have you integrates itself into the plant during watering, which is why you can't just wash off the outside and have it be OK. But I just used the google fu, and it is a processing facility issue this time.

 ‎· sglassme

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