There are at least 7 different neighbors letting of $100's worth of fireworks literally all around our house right now. Amazing. .
If I were able to sit on my roof, I'd be able to see them all around me. As it is, I can only see about two-thirds of them at once, because the house is in the way. ‎· Mr. Noodle
Of course they all started about 15 minutes before it got dark, so I wasn't able to get the cats in. One of the cats came out of hiding long enough to go inside, but the other one is still hiding under the porch. ‎· Mr. Noodle
Lucky. Kinda sucks to live in a state where fireworks are illegal. ‎· ronin
They were essentially illegal here up until this year, but that didn't stop everyone (including myself) from crossing state lines to buy them. The laws here are weird. Pennsylvania residents can't buy fireworks in Pennsylvania, but they can buy them here in West Virginia. Up until this year, West Virginia residents couldn't buy them in West Virginia, but we could buy them in Pennsylvania. Nobody can buy fireworks in Virginia, but Virginia residents can buy them in West Virginia or Pennsylvania. It was really weird until the laws changed this year, because West Virginia residents could go to the local fireworks stores, but we were only allowed in a small shack where they sold sparklers and stuff, but out of state folks could go on the big warehouse where they sold the big fireworks. Apparently the law changed this year, though, and now it's legal for us to buy her big fireworks in-state. I didn't have any money for them this year, though, so I didn't get to check it out. ‎· Mr. Noodle
In New Jersey, even possession is banned, but people still go to Pennsylvania to buy them. There are a lot of municipal fireworks displays, though. ‎· John B.
In Indiana, people have personal displays worthy of some municipalities. ‎· Sarah G.
We hoosiers do like our fireworks! ‎· k8s
In Maryland it goes by the county. Pretty weird ‎· Christina Pikas