Quick poll, especially among those of you that have spent most of your life in urban areas: If I said "I done told you once, you old son of a bitch, I'm the best there ever was," would you know what I was referencing?
Yes, but I live in rural GA. ;) ‎· Have Yourself a Merry Little LB
Yes, but childhood was Smaller Towns in Midwest. ‎· hedgielib
no ‎· mehlib
No. ‎· John B.
Nope. ‎· Meg Vmeg
Yes, but I played bass in a country cover band. ‎· Bren
Yes. ‎· Jennifer D.
Yes, even in Italy the devil open up his case ‎· Ivan Crema
I get the reference when you say it like this. I think if it came randomly in the middle of something else, I wouldn't realize it was a quote. ‎· Spidra Webster
Yes, but I am also young enough to also have seen the "urban" movie whose soundtrack the song appeared on, in the theater. ‎· April
Yes! ‎· jsholman
yep! ‎· holly
Yep, but I grew up in the country. ‎· Sarah G.
Yes, of course ‎· Soup
Know it enough to know there was a nice version that used "gun". My elementary school music teacher could never remember which version my classmate had on record day, and the song would typically abruptly end after that phrase. ‎· sglassme
Interesting. I honestly thought that was a universal reference, but I guess that just shows my bias. ‎· Mr. Noodle
I know the melody but not the words. ‎· Meg Vmeg
it's an interesting song, thanks :D ‎· SaeedTheGiraffe ?
I knew it was familiar to me, but not well enough to name the exact derivation. The closest I came to in my mind was the Johnny Cash connection, but of course that was a later cover. A casual cultural overview of the song for those who are interested: http://www.avclub.com/article/charlie-daniels-the-devil-went-... ‎· Micah
@micah thanks, I appreciate it ‎· SaeedTheGiraffe ?
Yes, but I grew up (and still live) in Nashville :) ‎· Courtney F
No. ‎· birdwatcher
Redacting my earlier comment. When I first saw that quote, I thought of Charlie Daniels but then someone else in the thread mentioned Johnny Cash and I got confused. But yes, I do recognize the lyric and can say that I had a 45 of it shortly after it came out. FWIW, I grew up SW Florida in 1970s and 1980s before moving north for college and career. ‎· Stephen Francoeur
Yup. Then again, I grew up in a farm town and that song was literally inescapable. ‎· Hookuh Tinypants
I know it, but only because a friend put it on a mixtape for me in college. (Though she came from a far more urban area that I did.) ‎· laura x