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Will there be a mobile Mokum app in the future?
Mokum has an open API, so it's only a matter of time till someone decides they want a mobile app bad enough :) By the way, we've had a discussion on what will such an app do as compared to the site itself (mostly in Russian). It'll be interesting to know what you feel is lacking that can and should be filled by the mobile app ‎· Count Caturday
Janet, there are couple of guys who are working on mobile clients. I don't really know their plans, both for time and features. We'll see. ‎· псы в рапиде
Thank you for the response. The mobile app for me just makes utilizing the site easier, for now I get here via two steps. ‎· jltrdms-Janet
Flucso https://github.com/tarzasai/Flucso was an excelent Andoid app for FF. Does anybody want to adapt it to Mokum API? ‎· Angelo Ghigi
@aghigi: btw there is an idea to make frf-compatible API for Mokum. But I would really prefer the native implementation so that we would not get stuck with sub-par featureset. ‎· псы в рапиде