“During a recent stay on the island of Oahu, I observed the Pacific golden plover, a bird that travels back and forth from Alaska to Hawaii, spending considerable time in both habitats. Not only does the plover have a remarkable ability to thrive in two very different environments of climate and elevation, but it flies nonstop over the ocean for 50 hours to reach each destination. I became even more curious about this bird when I heard Cynthia Compton and Kathleen Ward, faculty members at Brigham Young University–Hawaii, use the word, plovering to describe people deliberately creating two homes. Those who plover are not just seeking extended vacations in exotic lands, nor spending necessary time in one locale while identifying with another; they want to set down roots in and feel a part of two distinct communities. Plovering also describes the behavior of some researchers of media and religion. As interdisciplinary scholars, they often fail to find adequate support in a single field of study and, consequently, plover back and forth between subject areas. This is especially true when the intellectual waters between competing disciplines become stormy.”
— Daniel A. Stout (2003) The End of Plovering: ANew Home for the Study of Media and Religion, Journal of Media and Religion, 2:2, 69-73, DOI: 10.1207/ S15328415JMR0202_01 ‎· Черчилль
Птичка-покровительница лоукостеров, завсегдатаев Сапсанов и верных подписчиков Вандрук. ‎· Черчилль
А также птичка для людей, мечущихся между интересами, увлечениями и пятнадцатью книжками в читалке. ‎· Черчилль
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