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Serge Baudo conducts Debussy. Première rhapsodie (1960s, from LP) "Debussy Première rhapsodie André Boutard, clarinet Czech Philharmonic Serge Baudo, conductor Recorded: 1960s, From LP" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dne6wHTDKho
"In 1909, Gabriel Fauré, Director of the Paris Conservatoire, named Debussy to its Board of Directors (le Conseil Supérieur). One of Debussy's first duties was to supply two works for the next year's clarinet examinations. The Rhapsodie was first performed as part of the examinations on July 14, 1910.[1] The original composition was for clarinet and piano; Debussy published his own orchestration of the accompaniment in 1911" ‎· fax
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