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OK so...the Captain America thing. I get that people are upset and that it's probably some storyline that will be resolved soon...but can anyone help me understand why people are associating it as an affront to Judaism? I keep seeing that Marvel should be ashamed because two Jewish guys created it, Hydra was associated with the Nazis and the Nazis killed millions of Jews, therefore since Captain America is the opposite of Hydra having him suddenly be associated with them means that Marvel is desecrating him and what he stood for. I'm not sure I get the association.
Have you read this article? http://panels.net/2016/05/26/on-steve-rogers-1-antisemitism-a... - it's pretty good as explanations of that reaction go.. One link I think you're missing is that the Jewish guys created Captain America in large part *to draw attention to the Nazis* - the first issue had him punching out Hitler *before* the US was at war with Germany. And Hydra was *extremely* coextensive with Nazism. So basically by making Cap part of Hydra all along, they're wiping out what is actually a pretty meaningful and serious anti-Anti-Semite history. Or so the argument goes. I haven't read enough Captain America to have a strong opinion myself, but I can see where they're coming from. My personal irritation is more along the lines of "well, THAT seems stupid." ‎· Marianne
Just did and it makes some sense I guess? But...man. To me when I look at Captain America from the last few years they've really distanced it from some of the original aspects, namely Hydra becoming its own evil entity outside of the Nazis. I mean the Captain as a character disappeared for a long time after WWII because he had become so closely associated with that fight that when they reintroduced him I think they were trying to not have to bring some of that up. I guess I think more "well...OK that's kinda stupid. wonder what they're setting up" vs trying to wipe out his history. ‎· Dani (aka ashuping)
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