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My Site: the In-Between Places of New York City This week I’ve been thinking a lot about the city and how we experience it. Last week, as I was scurrying around the city, trying to find a site, something occurred to me. I thought it was strange that that my first impulse was to turn to history books, etc., as though the past (or statistical significance) of a place determines it’s importance in the present. The process got me thinking about how we really attach significance to places in the the city. Those who have lived their whole lives here probably see the city differently than, say, a recent New Mexico transplant. For the old New Yorkers, thoughts about a particular building (for instance) might be informed informed by knowledge of that place in relation to news, events, textbooks, codified accounts circulated by mass media. But New York is also a city of nomads, of transitionalists, of people on the move, who just arrived, or just don’t make the time to check into the historical... ‎· courant
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