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"The last walrus seen on land was on 21 January 1998 on the beach of Ameland." ‎· courant
реакция специалиста: "Swimming with a walrus on Noordwijk would be spectacular but also quite dangerous. It would be a third sighting for The Netherlands, if sufficient details would be avaibale to accept this as a genuine record." ‎· courant
после подробного описания: "There is little doubt you have seen the local, male, resident Grey Seal Halichoerus grypus (also an animal swimming with is not without risk, bu the way). They have a rather non-seal profile, with a flat nose and look solid blackish at a distance. Your description suggests the animal was tracking you with interest. A don't have a sufficiently "bad" photo to show how these look like when they stalk you, but your description, size included, is pretty accurate. It was bigger than you thought, though. Note also that a grey seal is resident in the area for many days (, select Noordwijk)" ‎· courant
еее! да здравствует Grey Seal Halichoerus Grypus! действительно, похож на моего "bigger than you thought" это "длиннее двух метров". ‎· courant