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Galaxy Zoo: Hubble - How To Take Part - http://www.galaxyzoo.org/how_to_take_part#
"Your job is very simple! When classifying you will be shown an image of a galaxy and be asked a series of questions about it. All you need to do is to look for features that mark out different types of galaxy and answer the questions as well as you can. This is a job that humans are much better at than computers, so most of the questions should be fairly easy." ‎· courant
In July 2007, a few days after the start of GZ, a discussion was started on GZ's Internet forum by Hanny Van Arkel called "Give peas a chance" in which various green objects were posted. This thread started humorously, but by December 2007, it had become clear that some of these unusual objects were a distinct group of galaxies. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pea_galaxy ‎· courant
когда-то хотел подсунуть ребенку под видом игрушки, а сейчас случайно узнал, что они открыли Pea galaxies, например. ‎· courant
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