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Formal Theory of Creativity and Fun and Intrinsic Motivation Explains Science, Art, Music, Humor (Juergen Schmidhuber). -
"To build a creative system we need just a few crucial ingredients:" ‎· courant
(1) A predictor or compressor (e.g., an RNN) of the continually growing history of actions and sensory inputs, reflecting what's currently known about how the world works, ‎· courant
(2) A learning algorithm that continually improves the predictor or compressor (detecting novel spatio-temporal patterns that subsequently become known patterns), ‎· courant
(3) Intrinsic rewards measuring the predictor's or compressor's improvements (= first derivatives of compressibility) due to the learning algorithm, ‎· courant
(4) A separate reward optimizer or reinforcement learner (could be an evolutionary algorithm), which translates those rewards into action sequences or behaviors expected to optimize future reward - the creative agent is intrinsically motivated to make additional novel patterns predictable or compressible in hitherto unknown ways, thus maximizing learning progress of the predictor / compressor. ‎· courant