magically troubleshot and fixed api pull from ResearcherID - said omitted researchers hadn't used the canonical version of mpow's name. and researcherid doesn't roll up, correct, or suggest.
bonus! discovered my lunch is *all* the leftover meatballs instead of a lunch-sized portion. I guess I didn't divide them up :)
sad panda. ff updated to quantum and i've lost libx
If I get time, I'm thinking of trying to recreate a LibX-Lite... I'll let you know how that goes. ‎· lris
It's truly awful to imagine browsing without LibX. I know Godmar is working on it but he doesn't have a timeframe. Thankfully it still works with Chrome. ‎· jsholman
Go, Iris, Go!! ‎· jsholman
Worst positive confirmation that the system did what I asked ever.
wow, red borders around a successful request is like the oldest design anti-pattern ever. heckuva job T-R! ‎· LibSkrat ‎· 1
Alas and alackaday! I did the thing I was supposed to! ‎· Galen Charlton ‎· 2
went to the monthly science fiction group meeting - that's fun and invigorating now that i've gotten over the idea that i will ever know as much as the old dudes about 60's sci fi :)
Thank you all again so much for the lovely card and donation to ARRL. You all are the best.
YOU ALL ARE THE BESTEST IMAGINARY FRIENDS EVER! Seriously - thank you all so much for donating to ARRL in Dad's memory. It means so much to me. And thank you for your ongoing support.
<3 ‎· lris ‎· 3
2017 needs to f?ing stop.
cars on my street broken into last night. luckily they left mine alone and only stole the change out of my husband's. Kid across the street lost all school books, laptop with senior thesis (not backed up), and other stuff. ‎· Christina Pikas
*hug* ‎· Spidra Webster
that had to be the neatest presentation I've seen for a while: my larger institution libraries asked their conservation scientists to come and talk about what they do for a living. All sorts of aspects of materials science and chemistry. They do all these neat experiments to measure how brittle paper is, what chemicals are being outgassed, what went wrong with previous conservation methods (cellulose acetate encapsulation)... I really had no idea.
Sounds really cool! They going to post it anywhere? ‎· Kirsten
conservation is frickin' awesome. it is SERIOUSLY cool stuff. ‎· LibSkrat
I hope they do post it. I will ask if I can share if so. ‎· Christina Pikas
So apparently I've been sitting in ASIST sessions with @warmaiden ? and didn't notice? We have never met!
have you met now?? ‎· Dani (aka ashuping)
I hope I was appropriately fan girly with C Haythornthwaite and not creepy. It's hard
Whoa, you met her in person?!? Awesome! What did you say? ‎· orgmonkey ‎· 1
Oh, okay, I finally see what your autocorrect did there. ‎· LibSkrat
Yes we were chatting about clueless old white dude plenary and I told her I love her work and that I really mean it. And I then told her about my dissertation. ‎· Christina Pikas ‎· 2
My autocorrect? ‎· Christina Pikas
Heh, never mind. Mistaken identity. ‎· LibSkrat
Well. My father died last night. His heart got him after all. Doesn't feel any better knowing I was right that he should have gotten the surgery to fix his valve. He didn't want it and it was his choice.
So sorry. **hugs** ‎· Kirsten
Oh my. I'm so very sorry. ‎· Jilli
You guys did anyone catch Fiona Apple on PHC? Can't link yet, I think
(Was it just me, or did anyone else wonder how they got a hippo on the radio?) ‎· bentley ‎· 2
Nope, I didn't catch it, but I'd definitely listen. ‎· Meg Vmeg
The conference is 6mi away from a brand new discount fabric shop.... I have to make it there one day but it's the opposite direction from home
ok, so got my WoS API key (finally) and then had a chance to try it... error 401 not entitled/authentication error.
WoS tech support, "Ohhh, you wanted a WORKING key!" ‎· Stephen Francoeur ‎· 5
oh hey, today is my 19th anniversary. And to think it only feels like a century!
I have a Code4Lib proposed talk if ya plan on voting :)
oh wow, but it's not #93 - although that one is after my own heart! ‎· Christina Pikas
also in awesomeness: JHU student paper has a piece calling MPOW "death lab" and saying we make weapons to kill children.
I want to retrofit phone pockets on 4 long a-like skirts I've made over the years. Most interested in the two courdoroy ones. Choices
^ yeah, that's a real downside with the pockets at the waist. I do wear longer shirts. ‎· Christina Pikas
The new shoes! ‎· orgmonkey ‎· 1
f-f-f-f-frozen in the publib quiet study area.... send cats
Will cat sweaters do? ‎· Julian
yes. will take quilts, cat sweaters, christmas sweaters... Gosh kid's baby blankets may be in car. I should go look. brrrrr. ‎· Christina Pikas ‎· 3
yikes. Any sun coming in to warm y'all up? ‎· Stephªnℹ︎eCogScℹ︎Lℹ︎brªrℹ︎ªn
Does anyone know of bookmarking tools/managers that are client based, archive the page, and also capture the referring page? That last one seems to be a deal breaker
(no but curious. will ask around on Monday) ‎· Stephªnℹ︎eCogScℹ︎Lℹ︎brªrℹ︎ªn
I thought it was a satellite of some sort... ‎· Halil
Ceiling fan illustrating the unseasonable heat ‎· Christina Pikas ‎· 1