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lest anyone think my mom was a small minded bigot because she pulled us from the dysfunctional public schools, I just remembered how accepting and loving she was when she explained to my sister and me how her cousin's daughter who was assigned a different gender at birth would now be living as her true self. My sister and I didn't understand, of course, and tv was full of wrong ideas, but mom was kind and persistent that this was who she is and not playing dress-up. This would have been like when I was 10 or 12 maybe and my mom's cousin lived in small town eastern shore Maryland so it was probably very difficult all around.


that's lovely

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As someone who went to a relatively small rural high school, I understand. Many small minds. I don't know of anyone who was openly out, but I know of at least one friend who was gay. Looking back, even that was probably very difficult for him. I'm glad your mom was a good soul.

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(i didn't think that about your mom from your comment earlier. i just thought how complicated and fraught "busing" is -- which doesn't get at the real issue of providing equal education to all)

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