sigh. last night made tamale pie. tonight made lasagna. kids would not eat either. spouse had a child's size serving and sighed heavily the entire time. These were like 13x9 pans so on the upside I have 2 weeks of lunch figured out :(
Ugh. That's gotta be frustrating. ‎· Kirsten
Both sound good. I've never had tamale pie. Recipe? ‎· Jilli
Oh no. Will either them freeze? ‎· Galadriel
the tamale pie was from the America's test kitchen cover and bake cookbook. It's ground beef with like cumin and chili powder mixed with canned tomatoes, corn, black beans - on the bottom. Then cheese over that. then you sort of make a polenta or grits (whichever sounds familiar! but not cornbread) and spread that over. Bake for a while. ‎· Christina Pikas
I should probably freeze the lasagna. ‎· Christina Pikas
:((( ‎· Meg Vmeg
Oh dang, neither of those dishes are quick to make either. *sends virtual pierogies* ‎· orgmonkey
can you ship the leftovers this way? I've been craving lasagna, and tamale pie is great. ‎· Bren
Two of my favorite meals ‎· lris
Oh! Thanks for posting the ingredients for the tamale pie. I get overwhelmed looking at recipes these days, but that's definitely something I could adapt. ‎· Kirsten
@orgmonkey - particularly since it was homemade ricotta in the lasagna. Maybe I should have a leftover party - everyone is invited :) ‎· Christina Pikas
Oh. Homemade ricotta? That is the way to make lasagna! ‎· Jilli