question I should know the answer to, but sigh: what is the best (cheapest, reliable, do-good) way to get a domain and wordpress install there, where I can also keep a reasonable amount of files? My blog is staying where it is, but I want to have a home page... like in olden times :) TIA
I can't vouch for "best" by any of the measures you cite, but I've got hosting with and domains registered with Hover. Laughing Squid has done right by me for 6+ years now, handles Wordpress elegantly, and can host static HTML files. ‎· Catherine
thanks Catherine! ‎· Christina Pikas
LIShost by Blake is where I've been for a while and haven't had a problem. But you could also go the route of You're able to have your own custom domain if you want, but you don't need to install wordpress or anything, but can simply use their interface and upload files and what not. ‎· Dani (aka ashuping)
Yes, my other recommendation would be for LIShost with Blake -- I can't vouch for it personally, since I've never worked with him directly, but lots (LOTS) of LSWers have their sites/blogs with him and he's terrific. ‎· Catherine
Is it the amount of files that keeps free wordpress from being an option? ‎· rachelw
well, maybe not? I want my own domain ... ‎· Christina Pikas
looks like lishost is more but it's comprehensive? ‎· Christina Pikas
its about $10ish a month? but I can pretty much email Blake anytime there's an issue and get response within a couple hours or less. ‎· Dani (aka ashuping)
Another LisHost-er here, just vouching for Blake's excellent customer service. I use Hover for domains and have been happy with them. I feel like Jenica is hosted by somebody else and has had good luck with them but I'm low on coffee. ‎· hedgielib
I love Blake. I am pretty sure I don't pay him enough. ‎· laura x
I can seriously say that I wouldn't be a podcaster without Blake's help and LISHost. Both are pretty freakin' amazing. ‎· Bibrarian
I have my neglected website at Blake's. Great costumer service. EDIT: neglected by me, that is. Not him. He neglects nothing. ‎· bentley