guys, I'm going to try to grow baby watermelons vertically on a trellis using hammocks to hold the fruit as they ripen. It's going to be fun!
You see the back of this house, with the little fence and the tall evergreens? One year, I don't know if they were growing watermelons on purpose or not, but they ended up with vines escaping under the fence, and vines climbing up the evergreens. And after a while, there were a couple of watermelons on the ground and a couple of watermelons up the evergreens. Unfortunately, I kept forgetting to bring a camera when I walked the dog that way, so I have no proof. ‎· bentley
I've done that before. It works as long as you've got the trellis in there good and you are assiduous about checking for new melons to bag up. ‎· Spidra Webster
The spouse grew pumpkin pie pumpkins this way last year, and it worked really well except for the one pumpkin that grew in between the garden fence and was too big to adjust before spotted.He ended up letting it rippen before he cut it out of the fence - it was oddly shaped but still made a good pie! ‎· Galadriel
I would have loved to see the watermelons up the tree! hilarious. ‎· Christina Pikas