Got to an appointment a half hour early to be told that they told me an hour early to make sure I wasn't late and that I have a second meeting 2.5 hrs later. So all day for essentially a new badge that allowsme to do the same job I already do.
*eyeroll* If it makes you feel any better, the huz had to go in for a drug test despite having had one on his formal hire in April because they test everybody every three years, no exceptions. ‎· LibSkrat
AN HOUR?????? ‎· lris
Oh. All the computers are down. So I guess I'll go home? ‎· Christina Pikas
We don't even get tested every three years. That's a lot! ‎· Christina Pikas
he works with medical records, I think maybe it gets him caught up in some of the angst about drugseeking in medical settings... though if so, it's goofy, because he works for an insurance adjudicator, not a medical facility ‎· LibSkrat
Oh jeez. ‎· Meg Vmeg