Well, here's your *first* account... ‎- Pete Smith
LOOK ERRYBODDY! IT'S ZAMMS! *does happy dance* ‎- MoTO Babycakes
You just think its zamms moto! I won't believe it til I he breaks down all of eurovision for us! ‎- Dani (aka ashuping)
Oh, Sir Andrew, do not open those flood gates so soon! ‎- zamms
hrrrm.....welll then. maybe it really is Zamms! Zammmmmmmmmmmsssssss!!!!!!! ‎- Dani (aka ashuping)
Anyway, Hungary is a dark horse this year, but the smart money is on either Russia or Sweden (again). Montenegro is my favorite, but then again, I like Soundgarden. ‎- zamms