The Washington DC Metro system will be closed entirely tomorrow. Closed. Shut. No service.
In other news, I will be teleworking tomorrow. And drinking tonight. ‎- zamms
To be fair, I was totally going to do that second thing regardless. ‎- zamms
Yeah, that's just nuts. I imagine Fury Road by about hour two of the commute, but with less flaming guitar guy. ‎- Jennifer D.
I'm trying to imagine how I would have dealt with that when I lived there, and I think the answer is "not gracefully," since we had no access to a car. Possibly bus halfway, then walk. Maybe try to commute with our one coworker who lived in roughly the same neighborhood. ‎- Jennifer D.
I would be the flaming guitar guy in this scenario. Seriously tho, I am lucky I have telework options. The big worry is that this lasts longer than the 24 hours. Mostly cos we're having a going away party for one of my co-workers. I bet MARC is going to be a zoo. ‎- zamms
Oh, yeah. I hadn't thought of that - the closest stops will just be mobbed. ‎- Jennifer D.
I imagine checking all those wires could take longer than 24 hours. It's too bad it couldn't wait until the weekend. ‎- John B.
It's kind of staggering that they'd shut the entire system down. I won't be needing it myself but a couple folks want work remotely just due to traffic. I can't blame them. ‎- Hey, it's CAJ!
Our office director was good about making sure everyone in our office had telework agreements in place. A lot of folks are coming from further out than me (tho Rockville to DC can be surprisingly long these days in the best of circumstances.) A lot of folks here are theorizing that they want to do this now so they don't mess with the cherry blossom tourists. ‎- zamms
scary that the wirings are so bad that they have to close it immediately. yipes. ‎- StephanieCogSciLibrarian