#memecessi in una giornata un po' meh!
mehmehcessi (questa manco alluminio l'avrebbe scritta) ‎- virus
@virus: già :) ma apprezzo la tua autocritica (: ‎- GG Blutarsky
un pupo ‎- anubis
@anubis: beh, 'nzomma ‎- GG Blutarsky
kaan, are you him? ‎- hia
@hia: what do you mean? ‎- GG Blutarsky
@the_gg we have a turkish user, kaan, looks just like you O_O ‎- hia
@hia: cool, I found my twin brother. ‎- GG Blutarsky
@the_gg let's meet him... https://mokum.place/developers/189809 ‎- hia
@hia lol thank you. Btw I think we have a lot of possible matches. We should start a game ‎- GG Blutarsky
OMG quasi uguali :D ‎- mary.kate
@hia glasses, mustache, matches. ‎- Kaan
@kaan whole face matches ^^ ‎- hia
@kaan: nice to meet you. Let's rule this place ‎- GG Blutarsky