Question: do expensive A&I databases (in this case: PsycINFO) merit the costs anymore in this age of online full-text use, even by traditional campus students? We are completely online (no print collections), so I'm mostly questioning it's value and high price tag for us. We have a discovery layer and PsycARTICLES and several other FT dbs with psych content that feed into Discovery...
If you've got grad students, those databases (especially PsycINFO) are necessary. For our undergrad psych majors, there are still lots of essential search functions that only PsycINFO and PsycARTICLES support (such as limiting by methodology); if you were to rely on just PsycARTICLES as a means of supporting those psych majors, you're giving them that functionality in just a tiny slice of the literature (I'm guessing that PsycARTICLES is maybe a tenth the size of PsycINFO). ‎· Stephen Francoeur
What Stephen said, but I'll phrase it differently: a lot (A LOT) depends on your discovery layer. If you like and trust your discovery layer, and your long-term plans include keeping and maintaining it and you have local control over it, and it plays well with all of your full-text providers, then for undergrad non-majors, you maybe don't need PsycINFO and other A&I tools. But if any of those "ifs" in the previous sentence aren't true, then you really do need the disciplinary tool. ‎· Catherine
What Stephen said: it matters who's using it for what. If you need the specialized metadata and searching then you really need it. If full text searching is enough for basic, lower level undergrad searching, then you may be ok without it when you have google scholar and a discovery thingy. But the discovery layer simply won't have things like the limiter on the type of experiment or the experimental population demographics, for instance. ‎· lris
Thanks for the sage advise folks! Always good to get a sanity check. The reason for the reassessment is that since we don't have any print journals, nor ILL for undergrads (whole other story), nor grad psych students, I suspect that very few of our students use the advanced features of PsycINFO. General search usage of the database is low (~1/3 to 1/2 that of PsychARTICLES) and we are struggling to maintain our collections with a limited budget so we are looking at every possibility to cut, unfortunately. ‎· Disobedient Librarian
Two words for you: Controlled vocabulary. ‎· mehlib
and, yes, all the limits, super helpful. ‎· mehlib