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quick chat reference stats analysis for my library (four librarians do chat), 2016 totals - 670 chats: 1) Missed chats: 16 (+3 one min after close time = almost 3% miss rate) - I was resp for 3 of those, 2 at one min. before close time and other during bathroom break & forgot to set status. Most of missed chats for all of us during shift change or in last hr of coverage. 2) chat wait duration for our 1st response: 21% = <10 sec ; 68% < 20 sec BUT: ; 29% = 20+ secs with high of 242 secs! (I was resp for 12% of those longer waits, altho I only show up twice in longest 50 waits, my highest sitting at 31st longest). Clearly though, we need to do better...
fyi: I just did a test for how long it takes to respond to a chat (in my case, when working on something else and have to drop that, open chat tab, click 'Respond' button - result: 8-10 seconds or so (for me) ‎· Disobedient Librarian
one glaring issue from a brief analysis of 2015 & 2016 data is that one of my colleagues has twice as many missed chats, takes twice as long to initially respond to chats, and those chats are a full 20-25% shorter on average than the rest of us. We have no librarian supervisor at present so not sure what to do with this info or if anything even needs doing, and I certainly don't want to single out anyone if I do share this data internally. Wondering if perhaps ignorance is bliss in this case... ‎· Disobedient Librarian
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