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Никому не нужна удалённая работа Python developer-а?
6 months+ ‎· earlyadopter
5+ years of experience in Python programming using RESTful APIs, MySQL and XML for enterprise/Cloud infra management. Will create/update chef cookbooks to integrate Heat templates into OpenStack based Cloud. Knowledge of OpenStack core components and sub-projects is highly desired, but not required. Experience in Python programming to extend and customize OpenStack components desired, but not required. Experience in Programming with the Virtualization layer APIs (e.g.,KVM/Libvirt and ESX/vCenter API). Experience in selecting, designing and developing a tool-chains with loosely coupled software components (e.g. Chef, Nagios, Crowbar) to perform specific technical functions. Continuous integration in a Github/Jenkins automated build environment and using autmtead testing tools. Experience with Agile Project Management. ‎· earlyadopter
Если кому надо, — контактировать вот этого гражданина: Subhajit Das | Sr. Technical Recruiter | +1 (408) 512-2364 | subhajit.das@akraya.com ‎· earlyadopter
Rate: Open (=не надо стесняться в разговорах про то, сколько стоит час вашего времени) ‎· earlyadopter