"For Sweden Democrats voters, politics is no longer primarily about the economy. With no party to fight for their material interests, they choose the one that pursues their cultural priorities — that promises to stop “Islamization,” crack down on perceived freeloaders and criminals, keep gays marginalized, bash “politically correct” elites in Stockholm and Brussels, and, in short, “give Sweden back to us,” as the Sweden Democrats’ slogan puts it." ‎· Eivind
Norway should send back all the Swedes making bank here and spending their money elsewhere. See how the Sweden Democrats like that. ‎· Jenny H.
Our service industry would grind to a halt, and Oslo would be The Road within days! ‎· Eivind
So the Sweden Democrats want to make Sweden more like the US while the US Democrats want to make the US more like Sweden? ‎· John B.
Ha! Pretty close, John. :D ‎· Jenny H.
These are Democrats? ‎· Bigstarlet
They're playing the democratic game. For now, at least. ‎· Eivind
@eivind, hi! How nice to see our old friends here again:) ‎· DArA
Hei, hei :) ‎· Eivind
When I came back from my exchange summer in DK and became a big Scandophile, my parents always told me I was idealizing Scandinavia. While I knew I didn't know enough to say I *knew* Scandinavia, I have to say that news of the last 5 years has really given me another view. I'm still a Scandophile. I'd still move to any of the Scandinavian countries in a heartbeat if they'd let me in, but there is definitely some ugly shit coming to the surface. ‎· Spidra Webster
There's still a living memory of a monocultural(-ish) past, and the retrospection is oh so rosy. But these far right parties in Scandinavia are working to dismantle what the Anglosphere often call "the Scandinavian model." And, sadly, they're pulling the political center to the right as the traditional big parties strive to remain big parties, ideology be damned. "The Scandinavian model" is still a very good template for good society, I think, but it's an ideal rather than anything actually implemented in Scandinavia :) ‎· Eivind