"Cat-gras Delusion" - The Man Who Saw His Cat As An Impostor http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/neuroskeptic/2016/01/21/cat...
"Capgras syndrome is a strange disorder in which the sufferer becomes convinced that someone close to them has been replaced by an impostor. Yet now, a new and even stranger variant of the syndrome has been reported – “Cat-gras”. This is the name coined by Harvard neurologists R. Ryan Darby and David Caplan in a new paper in the journal Neurocase. The authors describe the case of a man who believed that his cat was in fact a different cat." ‎· Eivind
I just pretend you're a cat. ‎· Jenny H.
=^・ᴥ ・^= ‎· Eivind
That's right. :) ‎· Jenny H.
So opposite to dreams, when someone you know looks completely different from real life and yet you know it is (s)he. ‎· Vapper Esmeralda
Better to know you're with the right person than to "know" your cat works for the Stasi, though :) ‎· Eivind
believed that his cat was in fact a different cat! I expected him to believe his cat was an alien spy or posessed by some mistycal creature, or at least by some dead person's conscience, but to be a different cat! ‎· тряся седыми пирожными
The imposter cat was thought to be a spy, though, or at least part of a conspiracy against him :) ‎· Eivind