And the idea that entire families should be punished for the actions of one of its members was not dead.
"Because there is no official death sentence in Israel, 18 relatives of 17 Israelis who were murdered by Palestinians in 13 separate attacks are demanding that the families of the attackers be punished by “permanent” expulsion. “The real punishment that the murderers deserve is death,” explain the relatives in a letter sent to government ministers and published on news websites. “But Jewish compassion prevents us from resorting to it.” The letter and the demand are also signed by the families of five murdered Jews whose five attackers were killed at the site of the attack. [...] The letter did not specify to where the families should be expelled, but a report on the Arutz Sheva radio station fills in the blanks and explains that the intention is expulsion from the country. The writers don’t explain if they are demanding that the extended family – aunts and uncles, cousins – be expelled, or only the nuclear family, in other words parents and their children. Nor do they get into details such as how the expulsion should be carried out, by foot marches or by minibus. But the writers know that “the family that raised the murderer, educated him and taught him to hate Jews and to murder must pay the price, if only because of the deterrence created by such expulsion.”" ‎· Eivind
Could you imagine a world in which everyone was punished for the actions of their family members? I'd be in jail right now. Or permanently expulsed. ‎· Jenny H.
human nature, essentially has not changed, despite the industrial revolution and information revolution, bad parts grew in potency same as the good parts, sadly we have not learned to transcend our shortcomings yet. ‎· SaeedTheGiraffe ?
You'd be shocked by how many people think penalising the families of people who've commited crimes is a good idea, especially in UK with regards to immigrants becuase I've argued against this with people, it's just another form of collective punishment! ‎· Halil
As long as the form of punishment is exclusively reserved for a group of people to which one does not belong, I guess one can convince oneself that anything is fair, or at least necessary. ‎· Eivind