Maybe the Big Bang wasn't. I believe this is what The Beatles were trying to say with Strawberry Fields Forever.
"In a newly presented model, researchers have shown that Big Bang never happened and the Universe is present without any beginning, i.e. “an everlasting universe” as noted by researchers. This model could help in resolving many issues with presently accepted concepts of the Universe. According to the model, the Universe has a finite size and there will also be no end to the Universe. The model also supports the current concepts of cosmological constant as well as density of the Universe. This model shows that the Universe is filled with a quantum fluid that is composed of gravitons, which is a hypothetical massless particle responsible for the force of gravity." ‎· Eivind
I remember trying to wrap my head around the big bang theory as a kid and trying to conceptualize things like where space would begin/end or what would be there before the universe began, and I'd actually start crying because it was so unfathomable and overwhelming. That's about the time my parents started to limit how much PBS I watched. ‎· Hookuh Tinypants
Hmm... "However, still it is a hypothesis, and there is no science to support the hypothesis or prove it wrong." ‎· John B.
What a boring life it has :( "...the Universe is present without any beginning" ‎· lairocse
Not related at all, but it reminded me of Gott and Li-Xin Li's proposal of a self-creating universe: ; and here's a model: ‎· o iş noldu?
tl;dr: So, tell me about how this explains everything rushing away from everything else? (blue shift/red shift) ‎· Smooth Young Priest
"For example: an inflationary universe gives rise to baby universes, one of which turns out to be itself. Interestingly, the laws of physics may allow the Universe to be its own mother." ‎· Ken Morley
in line with early enlightenment thinkers such as bruno and vico and classical theologians such as aquinas. ‎· fax
Few things freak me out like thinking about the size and age and beginnings of the universe freak me out. ‎· Sarah G.
Just thinking about the Observable Universe is a crazy proposition. What's out there beyond what we can see? ‎· Hey, it's CAJ!
Hookuh, PBS is a gateway drug that cannot be taken too lightly. ‎· Micah
of course the big bang was. just take some bricks and throw it in the air infinite times. BELIEVE ME, someday a castle will be created... </irony> ‎· inque