Met four Soldiers of Odin on our way home from the movies last night :(
Far right vigilante groups patrolling the streets is nothing to worry about, right? History doesn't repeat itself, after all... ‎· Eivind
How is it I knew "Songs of Odin" would be right-wing? ‎· Spidra Webster
It's a reasonable assumption whenever you encounter Norse/Old Germanic symbology (and Celtic, too, come to think of it). I wish they'd at least take five minutes to read up on the mythology, but I doubt they read much. In order to become a soldier of Odin, an einherje, you have to die in battle with your sword in your hand. You can't just buy a jacket with a cute logo. ‎· Eivind
Were there any clowns following them? ‎· bentley
Sadly, no, but the sweat pants clad soldier looked a bit clowny in his stride. ‎· Eivind
is it the turn for tragedy or farce, this time around? ‎· SaeedTheGiraffe ?
and are they sworn to annihilate the frost giants? ‎· SaeedTheGiraffe ?
Great. ‎· inque
@saeedgreen: They're mostly in it for the jackets and a sense of being useful, I think. Nothing big yet. But we /do/ have a basically fascist vigilante group marching in our streets. ‎· Eivind
Interesting thing, we have also "soldiers of Odin" here in Finland too. While Finland should be not that Scandic (after Swedes had been pillaging Finns for few hundred years, there is dark row between Finns and Swedes even now). Note, not warriors, which is odd in a way - warriors and soldiers are very different in concept sense. Yes, here it is same goals - street patrolling for vigilante purpose. ‎· silpol
They copied this idea from Finland. The far right boys club entrepreneurs of Norway are really slacking. We've imported this, PEGIDA and English Defence League (which we cleverly renamed Norwegian Defence League) in the last few years, but we haven't come up with anything native. Ultra nationalist, anti-immigrant movements seem to know no borders. ‎· Eivind
They had been pranked publicly by self-assembled counter-group Loldiers which worn clowns and stuff. So Soldiers of Odin had to turn to court to counter-attack these pranks and sadly court stood on Odin's side :( find some time to read all those refs below , in Read also section ‎· silpol
Wow. They manage to use stupid trademark laws against mockery. Loke's Loldiers would be better, anyway. Pass it along to your compatriots :) ‎· Eivind
I believe Odins have quite a lot of sympathizers among those in power and that number had grown over last years of generic Finns being pissed of of how things are going. The indicator is amount of Persut members in jurisprudence, police, government, parliament, etc. Persut is mockery term, co-sounding with Asses, derived from party name Perus Soumalaiset, which they translate as True Finns but I tend to perceive more like Raw Finns. Unfortunately Finnish Left has degraded significantly. You know better than me what happened to SDP-types of politics. And further Left became even more clowns, you'd not like to touch with barge pole. And Centre looks so... peasantry-on-the-worse-side-of-term. All-in-all Finnish politics looks very much as empty field stumped by hordes of elephants, with few small islands of those somehow still able & potent. That's my perception anyway. ‎· silpol
Maybe it's time for the Guardian Angels to make a come back to counter these fascist patrols?! I remember we had them back in 90s, used to see them on the underground. ‎· Halil
@Eivind I've got some interesting link as side comment from one of contacts who follow these topics on various sides ‎· silpol
@silpol: I just saw that. The gods are mobilizing :) ‎· Eivind
Funny thing that Finland has nothing to do with Norse myths. I wonder what's the deal with the original club, plain stupidity or perhaps they didn't think Ukko was PR-friendly enough? ‎· пустота и та не та
I was wondering about that; to what degree Finns see their heritage as Scandinavian/Viking, with the Germanic pantheon and the stupid Wagnerian helmets that follow. ‎· Eivind
@spinysun Finns actually learned how to exploit Scandinavian card. After long years of under Swedes and all hatred attached, they learned how to pretend to be Swedes when they are not (classic example is drunk brawl during one-day-in-Stockholm ferry trip, with all Finnish Swedish attached). In other words, when they need, they pretend to be part of it. When they don't they just draw the line about those dirty Swedes :) ‎· silpol
@Eivind stereotypical Finn has zero like for anything Swedish, especially when males are in company :) every other real example is acting on their own and don't necessarily match stereotype :) ‎· silpol
@silpol: I totally understand wanting to distance oneself from Swedes :D But what are the kids learning about their prehistory in school these days? Just about Finnic roaming tribes, or is there something about the perhaps Norsified western settled populations that we read took part in viking raids, as well? Or is that time period not focused on when national feeling is being stamped onto the tiny, blank slates? ‎· Eivind
@Eivind here is brief excerpt from standard curriculum, you need page 2 ‎· silpol
@silpol: That looks really good, but I shouldn't be surprised. Finland is the school ideal for the Norwegian left :) ‎· Eivind
@Eivind it is also good for Finnish left too :) at least until Finnish right wave it's right over budgeting. All in al, these days even Finnish expats in California often return back FInland when kids grow up to school age - from cheaper to more human etc. Be our guests if you ever need to school one ;) ‎· silpol
@silpol: Currently we're working from the hypothesis that if only you do national testing of the kids every three hours or so, they'll become great little scholars. Maybe with the next government we can try the Finnish way :) ‎· Eivind