Today I learned from @silpol that Ivan Kotliarevsky wrote a mock-heroic poem based on The Aeneid in the late 18th century, where Aeneas is a Cossack. Internet tells me it is considered the first work written wholly in the Modern Ukrainian language. Then I learned about the illustrated burlesque version:

Mondays can be pretty great :) ‎· Eivind
the animated film is great (hope there are some copies with english subs in the Net) ‎· illuminati stakeholder
@ricercar I'd be very interested in watching that. Is it also named Eneida? ‎· Eivind
not sure whether @ricercar mentions this cartoon, as it belongs to well-known "cossack cartoons" from Soviet-era Kievnauchfilm series ‎· silpol
^ of course this one ‎· illuminati stakeholder