"‘Viking’ is a catch-all term for the people who came from Scandinavia, what is now Norway, Denmark and Sweden, between the eighth and 11th centuries, more properly known as the Norse, or Norsemen." ‎· Eivind
The Normans are usually counted separately, but since they're counted here, I'd have liked to see Antioch in the map. ‎· Eivind
You might find some in Minnesota, too. ‎· John B.
@dendroica: Aye. But we have no color for 19th century :) (There's a Vinland arrow, though :)) ‎· Eivind
---> "Here there be dragons." ‎· bentley
@bentleywg: :) ‎· Eivind
Eric the Red was a Viking :D ‎· SaeedTheGiraffe ?
@saeedgreen: He sure was. And Leif the Lucky was his son and the first Vinland traveler according to the sagas :) ‎· Eivind
So Kingdom of Sicily, a popular Viking vacation spot? ‎· Ken Morley
@kjmorley: The Normans ruled it :) ‎· Eivind
I ruled as him and his son in Age of Empires II and finished the Vinland saga by establishing a base in the new world :D @eivind: ‎· SaeedTheGiraffe ?
@saeedgreen: Cool. Did you have to fight of the skraelings? (I never played that game) ‎· Eivind
yeah as a matter of fact I did, but I had become so well versed in the game that by the time I got to the skraelings they had to survive my multiple castle strategy :D, funnily enough Loki's child, Jormungand was also there and any ship that traveled that unkind sea was destroyed :D ‎· SaeedTheGiraffe ?
@saeedgreen: LOL. Must have been before Thor went fishing :) ‎· Eivind
btw, is there a work of literature that encompasses most of what there is to know about Norse mythology? I mean something like Iliad and Odyssey? I read the Penguin Book of Norse myths but it was pure mythology (less story more poem translations) which got me tired at the end. ‎· SaeedTheGiraffe ?
@saeedgreen: Snorre's Younger Edda is the authority and main source when it comes to the mythology. Of course, that was written by a Christian in the 1200s, so you get what you get; a snapshot with Abrahamic filter. Books I've read on early Germanic civilization mainly lean on Tacitus' Germania when it comes to religion. ‎· Eivind
I'm ok with "in your face with Christianity" books as they make up most of the classics I love, so thanks for the recommendation :) @eivind ‎· SaeedTheGiraffe ?
@saeedgreen: In Snorre's defense, he doesn't appear to be hostile towards the old religion, and it is a very good read imho. Odin is the king of the gods (rather than one god among many in earlier, sparser accounts) He's even crucified for a while. But these may very well have been changes in the actual mythology after Christianity fought its way onto the scene :) ‎· Eivind
I'm just gonna leave this here :D ‎· SaeedTheGiraffe ?
kırklarelinde ne işiniz vardı? ‎· Emir
@emir: I'm not sure what that patch signifies. Some Varangians given land by the emperor? It's un-googlable. ‎· Eivind
CODROY VALLEY, Canada – A story passed down in my family for generations may be the clue to finding a lost Norse settlement. The only Norse settlement in the New World thus far confirmed by archaeologists is in L’Anse aux Meadows at the northern tip of Newfoundland, Canada. But the Norse sagas tell of other colonizing expeditions. ‎· Halil
@halil: Interesting. I recognize some of the saga arguments for wider exploration of the New World :) ‎· Eivind