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" cnc هم میشه ساخت! فقط خیلی حوصله میخواد و یک کارگاه کوچیک : When I first moved to Pittsburgh, I had a serendipitous moment when I walked by a place called TechShop. Many of you may have heard of it but I didn't and the staff was kind enough to give me tour. The place blew my mind and to sweeten the pot, they told me veterans receive a year membership for free! I immediately took classes in wood & metal working, and welding. It was the 3D printing and laser engraver class that kept me coming back the most, though. I did so much laser engraving/cutting almost every free weekend I had. In fact, check out another instructable I was able to accomplish there ( And to add to that, I wouldn't have heard of if it weren't for TechShop! I had a great year but once it was over I knew I wanted to try and get my own laser ..."
چی رو میشه ساخت؟ سی ان سی همه چی میشه ساخت برای دکور معماری ‎· حســـــــنے
@hssn67: خود دستگاه سی ان سی رو :دی . بخوای بخری ، سی ان سی بدرد بخور چوب حدودای 25 میلیون شروع میشه تازه ‎· Mamad
بعداز اتلیه سی ان سی باز میکنم، بعداز این دوتا چاپ سیلک و کیسه دوزی :D ‎· حســـــــنے
یا سی ان اسی اخر میزنم :))) ‎· حســـــــنے
@hssn67: من اگر کارگاهش رو داشتم میرفتم سراغش. ‎· Mamad
اجاره کن خب ، نمیشه؟ ‎· حســـــــنے
@hssn67: تهران نه :| ‎· Mamad