Zorba looked at the sky with open mouth in a sort of ecstasy, as though he were seeing it for the first time.... "Can you tell me, boss," he said, and his voice sounded deep and earnest in the warm night, "what all these things mean? Who made them all? And why? And, above all" - here Zorba's voice trembled with anger and fear - "why do people die?" "I don't know, Zorba," I replied, ashamed, as if I had been asked the simplest thing, the most essential thing, and was unable to explain it. "You don't know!" said Zorba in round-eyed astonishment, just like his expression the night I had confessed that I could not dance.... "Well, all those damned books you read -- what good are they? Why do you read them? If they don't tell you that, what do they tell you?" "They tell me about the perplexity of mankind, who can give no answer to the question you've just put to me, Zorba." ‎· Elestirel Gunluk
antoni kuin dedem öldü mü?ay çok insan öldü valla, kimler öldü cetelesini tutamıyorum artık:)bi kuşak telef oldu:(yaşlanıyoruz net:( ‎· neferteti
evet yaslaniyoruz mirim :-) ‎· Elestirel Gunluk