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http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/jan/07/british-... "My children's addiction to mobile devices was ruining their lives. I can only hope they are happier now I have put them both in christian military boarding schools."
"my darling boy wasted his waking hours playing games, specifically Mine-bloody-craft. How I hated it, with its stupid, make-believe world of pixellated, Lego-faced critters and monsters. Some commentators went so far as to argue that a Minecraft habit was somehow educational and healthy, the fools" ‎· Ценность свободы не делать
статья похожа на фейк, сплошные клише, никаких интересных мыслей. а вот комментаторы жгут. ‎· wisdom of wombats
^ зато кликбэйт отличный ‎· IDDD
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